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Behind every Instagram photo lies a story, one that’s all covered in little red hearts. Light and shadow, black and white, real or fantasy, what are my thoughts when taking a snap? Nourished by the simplicity of living, when welcoming a clear sunrise on the beach or getting lost on a foggy one-way street, every picture is a destination. Breathe in and stay ready for a mood of light. I’m here to welcome you to something new in your casual life.

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As we are now constantly burning moments by creating a flow of the unseen, finding beauty in every corner of our lives, I start wondering if this will be the legacy for the next passion teller.



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Every line and curve, light and shadow, all are just the physical part of the final design we admire. A decision we make impacts the succeeding events; it’s the structure we frame that design into it. The perception of the reality and its effect on us is the message of the content. Never stop reacting to what is happening to you, bounce back to every hit, revert all the strikes you take. 

Bite your lips once more, prepare your fangs like a true vampire before the sunrise and start making colors in the dark. If you find another way to escape this moment it means that you don’t deserve it, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. But if you have already devoured each bite craving for more, your prize is already in your hands.

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