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In search of hiding places I find myself in that moment of rage, avoiding light and seeking shadow. That rage that comes from all the actions you want to do in a single second, and you do so, but mentally. That rage that makes you shifting gears really fast, holding tight that fine black leather, powering up that blissful sound of the joined effort of a thousand Gods, boosting your adrenaline rush to another level. Visualize the next move, the next touch, do so and don’t hesitate, don’t be confused, it’s not a fantasy; it’s yours to have it, own it! That bad killer look will inevitably stay in your brain like a screensaver, sliding and changing position, always in movement, faster and faster


Bucharest, Romania Just like a sublime sunset, summer closes its curtain and throws blasts of brown leafs, leaving us totally vulnerable to the chaotic months to come. Draw a line and spread your wings if you can find the time, waste those last drops of energy, as that will be the only way to generate new ones. That door you can open and ask for power doesn’t exist, but there are moments and places that will make your veins go crazy. Jumping around in Brussels can be one option, running in Central Park West might be another one, surfing in New Zeeland could also be that boost you need to accelerate your cells and keep them active until the next slice of fresh feelings. Brussels, Belgium Than

Go create moments.

Take full ownership of your autumn, take full responsibility of the colors surrounding you, and take a deep dive into the fresh taste of mysterious sunsets. It’s not the years, but the seasons that pass – I’ve recently heard someone saying, so keep counting and trust me, you don’t need the biggest wine yard in the world to express yourself. The right spot can be just as near as the back of your house. Go create moments. Next season will be even more surprising. Plopeni, Romania

Get lost. Now.

Get back in sync with nature and try to get lost as much and as far as you can. Not just in the urban jungle, even though it might sound more appealing. This amazingly savage spot will make you forget the reminiscence of any brand - even your mobile phone company one, as the area has no service. We should thank them for this. The magnitude of Slatioara ancient woods will make you understand the authentic desire to explore and to be a part of something special. If it’s not the air, it’s the colors; and if it’s not the colors, then it’s the sound of the wood’s textured floor cracking right under your feet that will take you to some kind of a movie scene where a dragon starts chasing you. Get l


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