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Premeditated beauty.

Parco del Retiro, Madrid  I walked out the door, went to one of the city’s gates and started my promenade from there. Didn’t knew if I’ll fi

Majestic lifetime.

Constanta Port, Romania Waiting for me trapped in your own fantasy, you find yourself in my sight, all emotional and undecided either to smile or just to play it cool. My shadow doesn’t scare you, not at all. You are now ready for me. Eventually, without further hesitation, you make your move, strong but imprecise, and that confuses me. I wanted to be sure, to follow your action right away, but now what can I do? I have to take another route, avoiding other unwanted turn; I will be THE ONE waiting for you ahead your path. With an uncompromised truth, we can now burn stars for our pleasure; we can find excuses to be dangerous, to be unlimited and twisted. You took from me more than you need,

Live your city.

Lately, I want to look at this city with a different perspective. Not because I feel guilty or out of pity. I just want to underline moments

‘Muchas Gracias’!

Parco del Retiro, Madrid Welcomed by a pure yellow sun, like aging in a barrel for 12 months, I embraced a new city without any expectations. But Madrid is some kind of a compact city that gives you the feeling that once you’re in, you won’t be able to find a way out. Dizzy and mesmerised by the noisy, crowded places to eat that I wouldn’t call restaurants - and that’s not at all a bad thing – I let myself seduced by the most irresistible food aromas. Confused by my own desire, I found myself starting to mix jamón ibérico with seafood, churros with chocolate - and yes, I feel guilty (I would surely do it again in a second). Gran Via, Madrid The plazas, rooftops, the parks and the perfect bui

Unleash your spirit.

Catch him or he will catch you on tape. You might even be featured on his Youtube channel along some other twisted moments carefully packed up with a red ribbon and a blazing music as a soundtrack. So that’s what I did. Geared up and ready to scream “Action” for the surprise he had in mind for his subscribers, I’ve made a new step towards the Oscars! 😉 New to many of us, the concept of vlogging, is contantly growing, boosting new hidden talents and opening new visionary ways of creation. There is no better way to entertain the restless subsriber’s souls than bringing to life a black&red, self-centered Honda. Carefully making its way between traffic jams and a child’s puppy eyes full of a

Fall under a bridge of colors.

Poenari Fortress, Romania Countless stairs and breathtaking views are the main ingredients of the not so famous Poenari fortress, hidden in the heart of our Carpathians. Reach the top and set your alarm clock to ring so that you can wake up to see this unexpected dream, full of colors and shapes. There goes your dream, you didn’t need it anyway, as you will have this in change: food for your eyes, a brave mountain to hug and so many colors to kiss. Continue your timeless journey and absorb this reality, keep it and use it when you’re breathing fire and the wind is making it worse, when the sirens are trashing down every inch of your silence. Use it when all you want to do is fall under a bri


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