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Wall of memories

The Øresund Bridge, Sweden-Denmark There are multiple ways to explore new sensations and new territories, but when you have to prepare yourself to go under the sea, something tricky will happen to your mind. You want to see how this surreal transition will happen, holding your breath and waiting for that moment when all that open wide sea will be on top of your head. Catch that last breeze of light while flying over the sea like a wild seagull in search of a new capture and strengthen your forces to attack the underworld. Be ready to adjust your course and always stop when blended layers of light and shadows turn into a single brick that you can add to your wall of memories. The Øresund Bri

The reflection of your smile.

Show me everything you know about happiness, surprise me with a miracle, call me in your sleep, give me something to think about all day long, keep me wired to your pleasures and never stop whispering to yourself all the reasons you have to smile. Keep in mind that easiness of living by following the mood for light; conquer each and every trapped illusion that you might encounter. Find your guidance in passion, allowing your life attend the destiny’s buffet, devouring the most delicious and exquisite moments this unknowable universe is so eager to serve us. Be the author of every day’s sunshine and moonshine, elevate each desire and unwrap the bliss of life like every single second it’s your

Begin by letting go.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania Scattered moments in time connected by an unlimited network of thoughts that are creating the most efficient dream catcher can seem to be a solution, but it’s not the time to give up yet. The only valid option for now is to dive in, to be caressed by the wind, to stop and absorb the power of life. Restless minds will be put to silence by the sweetest escape, shattering the deepest belief and giving up space to uncontrolled vibes. From action to reaction, present to infinity, from doubt to madness, you will swipe your mood and dreams by setting yourself free, only if you begin by letting go.

Moon made of love.

Malmo, Sweden It’s the simple thought of witnessing something rare and so unique that gives us the will to go far away, both physically and mentally, to be there and grab every fraction of that moment. The ultimate home is there where you will find something special, without intentionally looking for it, where you won’t feel the need to ask for more, but every second will make you want to linger a little while longer. Home is the moment of a smile, that long and stupid smile on your face when a secret becomes real in your imagination. Right then, you start questioning yourself, figuring out a reason for feeling like home when you are, in fact, so far. You are making this feeling possible, i

Parallel soul.

ZAIN - Design Expressions, Cluj-Napoca 2016 We are all giving shape to our imagination - either by words, sounds, geometrical shapes or colors. We always find ways to express our inner thoughts and desires; some are just basic, others are competing with the most twisted and complex architectural structure. Every creation should have its own moment of fame so that others can be encouraged to put all their ideas into action. Bringing more than one passion in the same place is the key to a good karma. Free the mind of others once you freed yours – it’s the smallest gift you could give back to this society. The level of involvement doesn’t matter; all that counts in the end is the multiplicity o


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