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timeless Lady.

Mocanita Hutulca, Moldovita, Romania Slowly making her way through the fresh snow, visibly powerful and mystical, this engineered black swan is turning every scene into a wonderland. Like a real star chased by paparazzi on her every single appearance, she will never let you down and she will put on quite a show, both visual and acoustic. She gets feisty and she’s noisy, however she will perform under any condition. The sun is her companion, but the blizzard is her lover and they will run away together right after the fire starts to burn the black coal. Now, take a step back and capture her greatness while she’s going to conquer the deep wild woods. Continue your white journey towards a land

be delicate.

Suceava, Romania What could have been real and normal is now no more than a fictional character. Surprised to see it being brought to life on every special occasion, it always has the same stunning effect. This is how we cherish our inheritance, that’s how we remember ourselves that our meaning has a value in time. The balance comes from the blending of new and old. The beauty of traditions lies in the imagination of the young ones. Once carefully handcrafted, these legendary costumes are just one of the pillars of our culture. Tuning this old taste with the latest trends and making it interesting once more it’s not impossible, but it’s important. We are always in the search of beauty and we


EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg Lately I've been asked how come I travel that often. Most of the time I don't really have an answer. Sometimes it's planned, other times it just happens. The fact is that the need to travel is just a part of the journey, but it's not the essential part for me. The beauty of it comes from the pleasure of doing something that's a real trigger to boost the way of thinking and impacts the way we envision life. Not traveling isn't something that worries me, but I always get uncomfortable when I limit myself to do the same things every single day. That's the benefit of traveling, that's my reason of excitement when sharing the latest moments on Instagram. Always

Under the fairy dust cloud.

Colmar, France Would you bet against me if I told you that fairytales are real? Or would it interest you to find out where you can reach them? Would you close your eyes, try to imagine it? Or would you ask me to show you a picture of it? We’re not believers anymore, we’re just throwing opportunities away and dodge hints, rapidly exploring suggestions, without really digging for unknown vaults. Rushing from one idea to another, we are doomed to forget how to give the proper value to what makes us feel unique. Imagine a wine cellar full of tales, instead of bottles of wines; aged tales, carefully selected and well preserved, far away from intruders. Now, imagine an even bigger wine cellar, ful


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