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Calcata, Italy I've taken my dream for a new spin, pulling off the shelf an old memories collection, making room for all the future events. Surfing places and diving in graceful emotions gave me the chance to be here now. I won't let it end, I feel the life flowing under bridges made of images and words. This is my empire, this is my playground and I welcome you to acknowledge it and take bites of what you desire most from it. I won't change my mind, I will just change the light. I won't come and go. I'll stay right here, a click away, a whisper far. Now catch your breath and don't blink, don't! Feel the intensity of this ride, see all its colorful beauty in that natural way, so crazy to be

rough night?

Vila Katharina, Brasov, Romania - Too many lovers settle for less than a blissful galaxy of tremor and smoothness. You must not refuse to flood your body with a continuous tickle, forcing your skin to take shape and communicate with the other skin. Taking that frenzy thought and feeding your soul is not science and it shouldn’t be random either; it must be raw. Harvest your deepest desire and amplify it overthinking of it until you are caught doing it. Capsized or standing still, don’t fade away, keep that beat on replay, blindfolded, hands free or even better, own it like a royalty. And yeah, it might be already 5AM and still night outside, but that fatigue makes you sm

unexpected dream.

Postavarul Massif, Romania Every line and curve, light and shadow, all are just the physical part of the final design we admire. A decision we make impacts the succeeding events; it’s the structure we frame that design into it. The perception of the reality and its effect on us is the message of the content. Never stop reacting to what is happening to you, bounce back to every hit, revert all the strikes you take. Turn on your senses and search for new heights. Every route will create a new scenario, but only the one chosen by you will make it to reality. That is your power; this is the desire you must feel while playing with your imagination. Even when mind travelling, you will need to star

taking turns.

Illustrious by Olivia When wolfs run wild in the white fields, you must survive the threat, the duty is to be that much desired hero. Bring out your demons for a play in the snow, let them swing on the wind and when fear is gone, take a step closer. From now on, thin ice is your earth. You will slide and shift until everything will fall apart, but not yet, not before taking a breath as a Nordic renegade. Running wild and free is what you do, travelling unknown lands and seas, as long as that dizziness feeds your appetite. That game you see is just a strategy, a game of pride and lust where you’ll definitely get lost. Mastering that moment between words, between worlds and thoughts, will be t


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