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never stop.

We are always in the search of a sign, looking for reasons and trying to explain our decisions, putting a trademark on our faith and justifying each action we take. What we know is not what defines us, but would if we used all our knowledge, all our desires would be converted into reality. We are using roadblocks as excuses or as rules to obey and follow without taking into consideration the real inner self. Always looking for answers, but never digging for a deeper reason, always getting away with a simple change, but never absorbing the absolute solution. What if a better you is a worse you? What if that barrier and set of rules is standing there just to keep you away from an exclusive enc

Experience Bucharest: Contest for Facebook and Instagram fans!

Experience Bucharest, the biggest tourism event in Romania (12-16 May) has launched a contest for Facebook and Instagram fans. The contestants have the opportunity to win VIP invitations to the event, accommodation in Bucharest, vouchers for renting a car in Bucharest and many others surprises from the organizers. The contest lasts for the entire month of April (1st April 2017 – 1st May 2017), so get your camera out in the city. How to enter Experience Bucharest contest Post a photo or a video (max 1 min) on your Facebook profile or Instagram, having in the description the answer to the question “Why do you love Bucharest?”. The post must be public. In the description, you must add the fol


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