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I am Romania, love me! @Femei pe Matasari #7

Come to the first showcase signed inspired by the greater good that will find the perfect set up in the urban street festival Femei pe Matasari #7. You will have 3 days to discover , directly in the street, the collection of moments captured in places where the passion finds itself in beauty, and the beauty finds itself in Life. Event page: HERE

i will fully #ExperienceBucharest

Maybe there is no standard recipe to experience a city, to live it and feel its flavor, but when stubborn people use their passion to attract evolution by using a very complex puzzle, you might say that something new is cooking. How can you see something beautiful in something that you see everyday? How can you keep your interest in something that is not the way you would want it to be? These are in fact challenges that you already face on a daily basis, actions that, in the end, shape the way you are; it’s what makes you interconnect and discover all the differences that make you unique. A city has the same thing to offer: it will make you go mad, push you to the limit, but it will forever


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