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once in a Lifetime. The best moments are born from the simplicity of a genuine idea; from the desire to reach a certain feeling that will fuel your imagination and vanish any trace of fear or unsettled next steps. The alarm you feel inside has been snoozed for too many times, so don’t just sit and wait for the perfect moment. You won’t find it. Because it doesn’t exist until you create it. We already know it’s a hard life we’re having and taking any additional risk it’s just pure madness, but what’s the use of doing something with passion if we won’t let that passion become our Life? The road to the final destination is in fact the authentic adventure, from the early shy steps to th

Designed to be stardust

Bucharest Symphony Orchestra / Summerwell Festival On the magic land of queens and kings of Buftea Palace, surrounded by black swans and dancing flamingos, for the 7th year in a row, Bucharest’s Summer Well Festival opened its gates to the already traditional summer fun and golden vibes. Because we are all stardust and letting our heart sing and listen to good music is all we need. Especially when it’s mixed with a wild forest vibe, happy faces and good food. Sandra Stoicovici & Alexandra Badea Oana Stefania / Metronomy At the end of this weekend, your feet should hurt from all the dancing, your hair would be messy because of the heat and shy rain, but your eyes must be sparkl


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