The Untold experience.

Call me a dreamer, but I almost forgot that all of this happened in my country and that I was lucky enough to be part of it for a second time in a row. I don’t know, maybe I have a fetish for happy-smiling-young people, or maybe I’m just jealous because, as a teenager, the high-school prom was the only kind of grand event I could think of. Night and magic or not, kings or just famous DJs, this year they made it better, louder, bigger.

From the brilliant performance of Faithless to that of wonder kid (not the local one, folks) Garrix, we all merged into a legendary work of art (such as the visuals used by Swedish Galantis). It’s pointless to further add something on Armin’s outstanding performance.

This wasn’t just another experience, it was the Untold experience.

Cluj Arena, Romania