Unleash your spirit.

Catch him or he will catch you on tape. You might even be featured on his Youtube channel along some other twisted moments carefully packed up with a red ribbon and a blazing music as a soundtrack. So that’s what I did. Geared up and ready to scream “Action” for the surprise he had in mind for his subscribers, I’ve made a new step towards the Oscars! 😉 New to many of us, the concept of vlogging, is contantly growing, boosting new hidden talents and opening new visionary ways of creation. There is no better way to entertain the restless subsriber’s souls than bringing to life a black&red, self-centered Honda. Carefully making its way between traffic jams and a child’s puppy eyes full of admiration for this black hero, standing tall and powerful, ready to release the beast’s fury with one “flicka da wrist” only, he will make you reach for the acceleration at your own desk. He's Spitfiredt and he’ll unleash your spirit!

Watch the video here: