‘Muchas Gracias’!

Parco del Retiro, Madrid

Welcomed by a pure yellow sun, like aging in a barrel for 12 months, I embraced a new city without any expectations. But Madrid is some kind of a compact city that gives you the feeling that once you’re in, you won’t be able to find a way out. Dizzy and mesmerised by the noisy, crowded places to eat that I wouldn’t call restaurants - and that’s not at all a bad thing – I let myself seduced by the most irresistible food aromas. Confused by my own desire, I found myself starting to mix jamón ibérico with seafood, churros with chocolate - and yes, I feel guilty (I would surely do it again in a second).

Gran Via, Madrid

The plazas, rooftops, the parks and the perfect buildings are the heart of this city. It’s not fair to love one more then another, it’s not fair to spend more time in the park than in the street. As a matter of fact, that’s all you will need when you are there: time. Enough for wondering around the narrow streets, staring at the light making its way through the trees branches, and then just eating, eating and eating.

Parco del Retiro, Madrid

They call it Rioja, I call it the Reason, as in the reason why all their grandmas are going on a girls’s night out, dressed up better than any restless teenager; impressive and a good reason to begin an anthropology study on this topic. Because if all we’d need is to import that red wine, I will be opening a store really soon.

To be in Madrid and not to go to Toledo it’s like going to the zoo and ignoring the lions. It is known to be a 3 cultural mix city, but the feeling is that in some dark ages all were just crazy and part of a mystic equation. If you already have a map, throw it away. If you already know where to eat, forget about it. Every street is like a new set-up for you to take an insta pic, and the restaurant with the most of the empty bottles of beer displayed at the entrance are a clear sign it’s the most vivid Spanish experience you’ll ever have.

Oh, and if you ever enter a cathedral, or at least you think so - they put you in a queue to teach you how to serve a ‘cerveza’, don’t panic, play it cool, go with the flow and at the end smile and say ‘Muchas Gracias’!