Majestic lifetime.

Constanta Port, Romania

Waiting for me trapped in your own fantasy, you find yourself in my sight, all emotional and undecided either to smile or just to play it cool. My shadow doesn’t scare you, not at all. You are now ready for me. Eventually, without further hesitation, you make your move, strong but imprecise, and that confuses me. I wanted to be sure, to follow your action right away, but now what can I do? I have to take another route, avoiding other unwanted turn; I will be THE ONE waiting for you ahead your path. With an uncompromised truth, we can now burn stars for our pleasure; we can find excuses to be dangerous, to be unlimited and twisted.

You took from me more than you need, but only this way I know what I am capable to give. A lifetime is all I can offer you. We might go round and round, but I know that not even the smallest cell of my body will ever feel lonely in this majestic lifetime.