Premeditated beauty.

Parco del Retiro, Madrid

I walked out the door, went to one of the city’s gates and started my promenade from there. Didn’t know if I’ll find it or not, I just hoped and embraced this new quest. Most of the times, it’s her that is coming to me, not the other way around, but I know this time I must initiate this uncommon phenomenon. I’ve searched and wondered around, I counted every light drop anticipating that particular moment.

It’s a risky feeling, because every time I get anxious before I see it, but I’m never discouraged, not even when my head is spinning and every angle I try to seize it leaves me hooked up on an enchanted fantasy.

And just then, my struggle comes to an end, as that long awaited split second is happening right here in front of my eyes, getting shape unconditionally, making me grateful and charmed by this hunted, premeditated beauty.

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