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Expansion unlocked: Time travelling.

Hadar Chalet, Gura Siriului, Romania

Highly acclaimed scientists are still trying to understand the laws of physics, how the earth was born and where we are heading. As we are walking blindfolded and remotely guided, we don’t take into account the possibility of creating a time travelling gate by our selves.

A rupture might be needed from the usual mindset, but if my calculations are correct, we could turn back in time using the biggest laboratory you could ever think of. Nature.

Fully charged and ready to take us to ancient old ages, these gates are well hidden, not impossible to find, and once you are in front of one, freeze your soul and just go.

I found one, I found a way to transform the virtual reality in a living dream, I found a dream and now I can travel not just in space, but also in time. I tricked myself and had my first expansion unlocked: Time travelling.

Hadar Chalet, Gura Siriului, Romania

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