Parallel soul.

ZAIN - Design Expressions, Cluj-Napoca 2016

We are all giving shape to our imagination - either by words, sounds, geometrical shapes or colors. We always find ways to express our inner thoughts and desires; some are just basic, others are competing with the most twisted and complex architectural structure. Every creation should have its own moment of fame so that others can be encouraged to put all their ideas into action. Bringing more than one passion in the same place is the key to a good karma. Free the mind of others once you freed yours – it’s the smallest gift you could give back to this society. The level of involvement doesn’t matter; all that counts in the end is the multiplicity of ideas and creations to learn from and develop other new ones and so on.

Every time you find an excuse to ignore your passion, a worse parallel universe is created. But we don’t want that, do we?

Now fade out the screen, close your eyes, go back into your heart, run up to your mind and let yourself guided to the place where it wants to go and do with your parallel soul.

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ZAIN - Design Expressions, Cluj-Napoca 2016

Designer: Ioana Ciolacu

ZAIN - Design Expressions, Cluj-Napoca 2016

Designer: Crina Bulprich & Lucian Rusu

Model: Landiana Cerciu