The reflection of your smile.

Show me everything you know about happiness, surprise me with a miracle, call me in your sleep, give me something to think about all day long, keep me wired to your pleasures and never stop whispering to yourself all the reasons you have to smile. Keep in mind that easiness of living by following the mood for light; conquer each and every trapped illusion that you might encounter. Find your guidance in passion, allowing your life attend the destiny’s buffet, devouring the most delicious and exquisite moments this unknowable universe is so eager to serve us.

Be the author of every day’s sunshine and moonshine, elevate each desire and unwrap the bliss of life like every single second it’s your birthday.

I can’t tell you what the origin of happiness is, but I can row along with you on any river of faith, until the stillness of water would let me capture the reflection of your smile.

Inspiration powered by @dependentdefericire