Under the fairy dust cloud.

Colmar, France

Would you bet against me if I told you that fairytales are real? Or would it interest you to find out where you can reach them? Would you close your eyes, try to imagine it? Or would you ask me to show you a picture of it? We’re not believers anymore, we’re just throwing opportunities away and dodge hints, rapidly exploring suggestions, without really digging for unknown vaults.

Rushing from one idea to another, we are doomed to forget how to give the proper value to what makes us feel unique. Imagine a wine cellar full of tales, instead of bottles of wines; aged tales, carefully selected and well preserved, far away from intruders. Now, imagine an even bigger wine cellar, full of even more tales. Imagine the vintage streets, all the heroes fighting for a good cause, the doors safely being blocked, so that no monster could get in. Look at the reflections in the river, giving you hints on the next chapter. This fictional puzzle overwrites the modern life scenario, where we are all socially interconnected, bringing the vibe back to basics, back to creation and authenticity, back to good taste and ease of life. This real land of the legends is the realm of your personal battle, a battle between reality and fantasy. Maybe your body freezes in the wind, but your eyes are in a desperate flight over the crowd, looking for princesses, hoping that Santa still doesn’t know you once said he’s not real. Leave that doubt for the others and keep dancing under the fairy dust cloud.