be delicate.

Suceava, Romania

What could have been real and normal is now no more than a fictional character. Surprised to see it being brought to life on every special occasion, it always has the same stunning effect.

This is how we cherish our inheritance, that’s how we remember ourselves that our meaning has a value in time.

The balance comes from the blending of new and old. The beauty of traditions lies in the imagination of the young ones.

Once carefully handcrafted, these legendary costumes are just one of the pillars of our culture. Tuning this old taste with the latest trends and making it interesting once more it’s not impossible, but it’s important.

We are always in the search of beauty and we are struck by it once we find it. And that’s the moment we want to freeze and take our time to express our full admiration for it.

Maybe we don’t always deserve it, maybe it’s in our nature to mix things up and create a disruption from time to time, just for the fun of it, but there it is, once more. Just take it and be delicate.