taking turns.

Illustrious by Olivia

When wolfs run wild in the white fields, you must survive the threat, the duty is to be that much desired hero. Bring out your demons for a play in the snow, let them swing on the wind and when fear is gone, take a step closer. From now on, thin ice is your earth. You will slide and shift until everything will fall apart, but not yet, not before taking a breath as a Nordic renegade. Running wild and free is what you do, travelling unknown lands and seas, as long as that dizziness feeds your appetite. That game you see is just a strategy, a game of pride and lust where you’ll definitely get lost. Mastering that moment between words, between worlds and thoughts, will be the winning key: just taking turns.

Illustrious by Olivia

Model: Olivia Dejeu

Blog post: Here!

IG: @oliviadejeu