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rough night?

Vila Katharina, Brasov, Romania -

Too many lovers settle for less than a blissful galaxy of tremor and smoothness. You must not refuse to flood your body with a continuous tickle, forcing your skin to take shape and communicate with the other skin. Taking that frenzy thought and feeding your soul is not science and it shouldn’t be random either; it must be raw. Harvest your deepest desire and amplify it overthinking of it until you are caught doing it. Capsized or standing still, don’t fade away, keep that beat on replay, blindfolded, hands free or even better, own it like a royalty. And yeah, it might be already 5AM and still night outside, but that fatigue makes you smile, and you don’t want it to go away. Bite your lips once more, prepare your fangs like a true vampire before the sunrise and start making colors in the dark. If you find another way to escape this moment it means that you don’t deserve it, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. But if you have already devoured each bite craving for more, your prize is already in your hands.

So let me ask you right now: was it a rough night?

Vila Katharina, Brasov, Romania -