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another rebirth.

Gura Siriului, Romania

There is no bigger plan; there is only a higher desire for life, for fresh air and new immortal scars of light. This territory marked by the sun brings the calm to a limit, to an edge of silence broken by the wind that makes you follow a new rhythm.

Anxious to taste the warmth of the sunlight, I’m tracking down every wild corner I might find on my daily path.

As we need to step away from the safe road, the odds to encounter and witness the thin line between a reality and another are getting higher with every step we take.

This circle of life we find ourselves in is just the design we like to admire; these changes that we see are the source of our learning and beliefs.

Like a fair game, each season will take its turn to give us power and strength, but only one can prepare the set for another rebirth.

Hadar Chalet, Romania -

Gura Siriului, Romania

Hadar Chalet, Romania -