angel's share.

Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Tempting paths, beautiful and perfect, will come across your journey, but those aren’t the ones you don't want to miss. There is nothing else that will give you a real feel or leave you the impression of re-living history than a dirty road, being soaking wet and bouncing from one pothole to another. Unless you feel it on your skin, it's not happening.

Like a ghost in the foggy atmosphere, the mist runs on the corridors shaped by the wind, covering with its cape the peaks of these ancient mountains. Once the tallest on earth, now so beautifully aged keeping the mystical vibe alive, hunted by our strangest and darkest visions.

No wonder this is the home of the most versatile, aged spirits, blended in rare oak casks that are still made by hand. By using nature’s ingredients for centuries, as the years pass by, slowly, but with so much patience when maturating, in the end, there will be a part for you to enjoy and the other part for the angel’s share.

Glencoe, Scotland

Castle Stalker, Scotland

Glengoyne Distillery, Scotland