i will fully #ExperienceBucharest

Maybe there is no standard recipe to experience a city, to live it and feel its flavor, but when stubborn people use their passion to attract evolution by using a very complex puzzle, you might say that something new is cooking.

How can you see something beautiful in something that you see everyday? How can you keep your interest in something that is not the way you would want it to be? These are in fact challenges that you already face on a daily basis, actions that, in the end, shape the way you are; it’s what makes you interconnect and discover all the differences that make you unique.

A city has the same thing to offer: it will make you go mad, push you to the limit, but it will forever be part of you. It depends on you if you’ll be part of it, too.

You know, vampires don’t live solely in Transylvania, they’re everywhere: on the street or at work, they will take care of helping you identify excuses to just don’t care, to loose any hope in your dreams and expectations. The best part is not when you’re winning the fight against them, but when other winners surround you.

You don’t need to do everything, but make your passion useful every now and then, forget about competing, enjoy the feeling of sharing your own home, whether it’s good or bad, fearless of any judgments. Just be ready to get surprised by a stranger’s smile.

The experience is not just in showing off things - you can’t show moments, but you can create them, you can set the mood and tailor a memory for someone else. They will cherish it and pass it on to others, by keeping our passion alive while reaching different corners of the world. A story will definitely not go away, but it will surely give birth to fantasies and other stories. And that’s the reason why this week I will fully #ExperienceBucharest.


Experience Bucharest 2017 will be the largest project promoting Bucharest tourism that has ever been done.

We are inviting 100 top bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers, snapchatters and travel influencers around the world to experience Bucharest and connect with 100 Romanians content creators.

The project was born as a passion project by a team of 100+ volunteers from Travel Massive Romania, along with other local traveler influencers and organizations.

Powered by: Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel

Special thanks to: Absolut Vodka