time and magical signs.

Fundata, Romania

Turn your face against the wall and start counting, ‘cause I just found the best hiding spot. Passing the frontier between the Orient and the Occident, this pool of green surrounded by mountains is the first stop you should make when entering the mighty Transylvania. The visible change of scenery will elevate your senses to a pure state of wellness. This is where I felt like hiding for a few sunny days and nights sunken under a sea of stars. Now that I’ve told you where it is, you'll think that you can find me easily, but that’s not the case.

Hill after hill, the woods is netting the paths that were probably some ancient highways with traps and rivers to follow as street signs. You can try to pass one, but guess what, a bigger one will follow, and so on. If you were a giant, these green hills would probably be some kind of waves you’d swim through.

Every time I find myself in a new place, I like to imagine how did it look hundreds of years ago, what kind of people lived there, what did they do, and how did they influence the landscape. However, this time I felt it was the easiest exercise so far. Except for a few details, I don’t think much has really changed since then. Even when this old man stopped working his land and came down the hill toward his home, I thought he was put there just to complete the time travel. He didn’t look tired, he didn’t complain about anything; he didn’t ask for anything, he already had his stories, his endless memories, walking like a winner on the same path he probably walks on every day. He had only stopped for one reason: to point out his finger towards a kid. He did that with joy in his eyes. He then said: ”They are the heirs of our land” and walked on by.

We are now talking about ‘repeated business’, ‘long term plans’, bucket lists’, and other kind of motivational trends that could fill our imagination, engage us to do more; but in the end it’s just a new packaging and re-branding of the ethereal bond between humans and earth, love and life, time and magical signs.

Cheile Gradistei, Romania

Trip to Cheile Gradistei, Romania made with the occasion of 20 years of Amway in Romania and the lunch of the new XS Power Energy Drink - Orange Kumquat.

#20ANiAmway #AmwayRomania

HERE is a short video too from trip.

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