once in a Lifetime.

The best moments are born from the simplicity of a genuine idea; from the desire to reach a certain feeling that will fuel your imagination and vanish any trace of fear or unsettled next steps. The alarm you feel inside has been snoozed for too many times, so don’t just sit and wait for the perfect moment. You won’t find it. Because it doesn’t exist until you create it. We already know it’s a hard life we’re having and taking any additional risk it’s just pure madness, but what’s the use of doing something with passion if we won’t let that passion become our Life?

The road to the final destination is in fact the authentic adventure, from the early shy steps to the finish line prize, from the first handshake to the last thank you note. This is who you are now and this is why any move you might want to make in order to conquest a new empire is just the normal course.

This is why I have accepted the call to join a new adventure - a very bold plan to climb the highest mountain peak of Romania, Moldoveanu Peak - from this unique, sprightly team that aims to achieve the greatest in the communication landscape by launching a brand new agency. They call themselves PiArtVision and it’s a name you’ll definitely hear more often in the coming period.

Motion & Emotion with Peugeot SUV 3008

Driving towards the Fagaras Mountains is any hiker’s paradise. It was like an intro of what we were waiting for, as the scenery started to change slowly. Small hills at first, followed by a deep forest that was letting us accommodate with the wilderness. By the end of the road, it was just us and the mountain, very high and hard to look at because of the bright sunlight, sharp at top, but welcoming at the same time.

Confident and patient, I started the climb along them and, step-by-step, I was gaining power just from watching how motivated they are to achieve this outstanding experience of a lifetime.

The view was beyond any words, as it gradually shifted from the green forest to the rocky paths and crystal clear rivers. Just like an energy booster, once in a while, other tourists appeared along the way, reassuring us that we can make it to the top. Even though we were just strangers in the wild, we felt under the same umbrella, like a community, as we were following the same path to the same purpose: to enjoy the view from the top of the peak.

It’s one of the reasons I consider that every action we take as being part of a community will have a spontaneous effect on every member and it’s essential to understand it to upscale our vision and trust. That is the power of the community, and if this one is based on the passion for the same thing, the rest is just a gameplay with different roles and turns.

FLAVIA dress, designed by Adrian Oianu

But one thing is sure: there is no fatigue for the believers and there is no giving up for the euphoric fighters.

The ultimate feeling you will have when making that final step towards the top is like a whisper to your every muscle, every inch of your skin, letting them know that your own eyes are capturing real views and it’s ok to react accordingly.

Restful and astonished by the fancy, dancing clouds and mystical horizon, I have started to look around me and I did this a couple of times trying to seize every fragment of that image.

"The view is great" from the Moldoveanu Peak

While being on the peak, you become one with the mountain. It’s you that actually becomes the tallest point in the country. And it’s your responsibility now to show strength in time, whatever may come.

Every community needs the strength of a mountain, so each Romanian should get here at least once in a lifetime.

The Team: Oana Ivan, Calin Hera, Madalina Barbarasa


Motion & Emotion with Peugeot SUV 3008

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