You don’t waste time in Bucovina. You earn it.

A sunset to freeze for.

The Falcon's Stone, Rarau Mountains, Bucovina, Romania

It was there all along, close to you, but not fully discovered. You might have had an idea about it; even felt it as a part of you from time to time, but not fully tasted it.

Sometimes, as long as you are waiting for the right moment to accept a new path, it might turn out to be even better than expected. It’s never too late, not even after 20 years, not even now. You can have it, if you want it, you must stay awake and don’t close your eyes when you find it. It’s not just a land of tales and intense historical moments; it’s a magic rain with little drops of wisdom, art and love.

Dashing through the snow.

The path from Sadova to Iezer lake, Bucvoina, Romania

Explore the horizon for the yellow energy, search for the crystal snow, walk alone into the wild woods, but don’t forget to smile at those two deers that are looking at you right now and…don’t move! See? What have I told you?

Further away, frozen lakes, facing the bluest sky ever, are the perfect finish line for your pathway. Try to remember your steps like a legacy to pass it down to others, to write it and read it later, try to feel the true meaning of that moment. Let it be your remedy.

Chasing the snow.

Mid-day in Vama, Bucovina, Romania

You brought the magic; this space was just being here, waiting for you to discover it. You can admire it, but remember that the trees around you are in fact the real audience that will applaud every picture you take.

There comes that time when the magic is real and the reality is fantasy, when your soul seems warmer, lights get brighter and everyone around you is singing and smiling. A joyful time to have and to embrace with peace, to let yourself amazed by what you actually feel; it’s how you can reveal a Holiday.

Christmas lights in Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

It’s quite funny how we can only get to see the big picture in moments like this, diving in the previous year through flashbacks from the most intense seconds we’ve lived. We get to do it when a New Year starts, but only imagine the power we would have if we would do this daily.

A sunlight cast away waits for you, hidden in the strangest place. You just have to be curious enough to design the mood; because in the end, it’s all about you, about your childhood and almost forgotten stories those that made you who you are today.

The magic light.

Sunset seen from The Falcon's Stone, Rarau Mountains, Bucovina, Romania

Everything that happened to you before is not something for you to understand. You can try to see it all, but Life is more than that.

Eternal youth is something we are all searching since ancient times, but we’re able to accomplish it only by being true to our passions. And if culture means passing on the rituals and traditions from one to another, then our life is also an opportunity to live other lives also.

The beauty of the Present is that our interpretation of the past will pass our fingerprints into the future even if we were just a transporter.

We are incognito creators and our actions are measured in feelings; and those feelings are measured in memories, keeping us exposed to new wonders that will bring the joy into our lives.

Eternal youth.

Christmas market in Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

Strange dance moves and odd costumes were part of the normality for years in this place. Now we look at them trying to understand the reason behind it, trying to put the logic into everything, fighting to get the right perspective. Maybe there is no right or wrong interpretation. Maybe these locals that are keeping the tradition alive were just happy to live that moment in time. That was how they expressed their appreciation for all the past stories, instead of sending letters or giving little red hearts. Perhaps it was just an intro to a certain state of mind they needed from time to time. Maybe it was their VR or, even better, their AR.

Past stories.

Carol Fest Christmas by Night in Gura Humorului, Bucovina, Romania

However we try to look at it, masks have always been part of our lives, right from ancient times. Now we are dangerously putting them aside - the physical ones, while we continue to keep the tricky ones on.

I have a feeling that they knew this, that this is what they have tried to make us understand, but are we capable of looking that far into time? Are we fully aware of what we can learn by only exploring the surrounding places?

Moving faster and faster from one thing to another, from one place to another, this is our present war. Always trying to find the right moment for pleasure, but too scared to waste the time.

In the end, that’s why you will get the sensation that you don’t waste time in Bucovina. You earn it.

Earning time.

The Falcon's Stone, Rarau Mountains, Bucovina, Romania

Some other magic spots to explore in Bucovina:

Think about the blue and make a wish! 1488.

Voronet Monastery, Bucovina, Romania

Cute little thing.

Vicovu de Sus, Bucovina, Romania

"Holy Cross" Church, the oldest orthodox church in Romania, UNESCO heritage. 1487.

Patrauti, Bucovina, Romania

We all need a moment like this.

Suceava train station, Bucovina, Romania

Hidden treasure.

Suceava train station, Bucovina, Romania

Suceava Fortress.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

Hagigadar ("fulfilling the desires" in Armenian), The Armenian Monastery. 1512.

Every 15th of August, more than 100 Armenians gather here for a pilgrimage.

They call this The Mecca of the Armenians.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

Childhood memory.

Badeuti, Bucovina, Romania

The Festival of Romanian New Year's Customs and Traditions.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

The Festival of Romanian New Year's Customs and Traditions.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

The Festival of Romanian New Year's Customs and Traditions.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania

The Festival of Romanian New Year's Customs and Traditions.

Suceava, Bucovina, Romania