the vibrant cityscape called Oradea.

Here I am, knocking at a new gate, ready to stumble upon unique corners I’ve never heard of. Strange thing is that this time I’m completely embarrassed by the fact that this is happening in my own country. I should have known more about this city. I call myself a traveller, but I haven’t been careful enough to explore the beauties around me. Now don’t be shy and admit that you are in the same position as I am. I don’t want your excuses or lists of other places that you want to go first. Trust me, you need to be here as much as you need to be in any other great city. Take time to fly, take time to uncover a small city that can hold it's own against any other European destination regardless of beauty or grandeur. If you think it’s too far away from you, it’s not. If you think it’s similar to other Romanian cities, it’s not. If you think it’s too boring, you are so, so, so wrong.

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Put your Super Mario costume on, because you’ll start to feel like him when you’ll start chasing the hidden architectural gems from one street to another, racking up points and leveling up after each discovery. You might end up looking for Juliet, but don't expect for the acqua alta to arrive anytime soon, and don't be surprised when going round the corner your feelings will be mixed with some Catalunian memories.

Time flies, it's what time does. Not here though. Time has started to win back space and some skillful cosmeticians are using very carefully handcrafted anti-ageing wonders to do lifting after lifting, all very well internally organized with the help of the locals who have understood the concept of experiencing the city and not just living in it.

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StartFragmentIf you need a human touch, you’re in the right place. The cultural mix that this city has experienced over the years has created this new-age friendly environment focused on a state of well-being. Maybe it has something to do with the magical underwater sources that pamper your body and soul or maybe it has to do with the surrounding greenery that has taken over the city, instead of it losing ground. EndFragment

Aquapark Nymphaea Oradea

The spectacular amounts of pools per square meter made me wonder if and why are we attracted to these places. Is it a life of luxury we seek in order to spoil the ones we love or do we crave a connection with this life-creating element? During these three days I was crazy enough to run like a kid from attraction to attraction, but at the same time, wise enough to absorb the peace of mind from the lushness of the indoor palm trees.

Luckily, I’ve been agile enough to devour a sweet sunrise that recharged me more than anything. It’s surprising to see how our passion works when we're on the edge and how it feeds us from the inside, giving us that inspiring vision we're always craving.

DoubleTree Hilton Oradea

Aquapark Nymphaea Oradea

Bouncing from the large pools and the rooftop jacuzzi to the mesmerizing Unity Square, from the slow sunset to the aged fortress - reshaped and eagerly looking forward to inherit new stone-hidden secretes, from the so called ‘Fast River’(Crisul Repede) to the city center, I look up and simply can’t take my eyes from this vibrant cityscape called Oradea.

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Photo by Oana Rizea

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