once the red light stops and the white wind starts to blow.

Cartisoara, Sibiu, Romania / Car: Volvo XC90 / Model: Andreea Madlen

The craziness is not in the action, not in the thought, but in the indifference; that lonely feeling is not written in the sky and surely is not revealed in the encrypted sunrise that you’re struggling to understand. Driving for fresh air might become a luxury idea, if that breath brings out the adventure, the laughs, breathtaking views, new friendships and why not, a full set of memories. Slow down and get ready for a closer view of the mountains, get a taste of the full blizzard and let the wind hit you until you’re fully charged. Driving towards sunrise might be the sweetest escape and it doesn’t matter where it happens. The colors of the sky won’t change for anybody, the all inclusive colored version is set by default in high definition. That show in the sky might be designed by aliens, but the mountains have better director and if that won’t buy your applause, just wait until you’ll get a bit higher, up above, in the heart of the clouds. A leap of faith and you can raise your spirit when you feel like a weightless leaf in middle of a white ocean. If you want to change your mind for a minute, there’s an antidote when you reach the top, so hold your breath and keep your black heart blocked as much as you can until you reach it, ‘cause there’s a treat for your eyes and soul once the red light stops and the white wind starts to blow.

Dream team: Ionelia Vlad, Micheten Alexandra, Andreea Madlen, Matei Edu

Thanks to: Volvo Cars Romania #XC90 #OurIdeaOfLuxury