the real one.

He wondered around for days until the ground started to tremble, the clouds where running away and the birds forgot to make that awesome dance in the sky. That train was calling him, louder and louder. When he first got on, he know that he will have to face much more than he was used to. The first station was nearby, so he was still in his comfort zone, but after another one and another one, things got more interesting, so he was willing to explore more. The scenario changed every day, from the greenest grass to the whitest snow, from the yellow beaches to the darkest nights. That window from his cabin, become the most vivid reality that his imagination could provide. After a short while, he understood that he needs to interact with that reality, so he got off at the next station. It was a colorful city that one, a real metropole that had unwanted citizens also, but he looked for the good parts only. “I’ll let the others handle the dirty work” he said to himself. After hours of circling around, an antique store with orange drapes caught his eyes and went in right away. A big grey elephant with withe teeth was in his hands after 10 minutes. “Now I can bring a pet on the train” he said. And he did that, and not just that, he started to gather all kinds of artifacts from strange new places and even from the most unknown small cities where the train would stop. It became a habit to inherit something local from those unexplored surroundings. The further he went, the better he felt and this way all those places was his family now. Soon he realized that the more time he spends wherever the train stops, the more he will like that place and little by little, his stops were beginning to last longer and longer. At one point, he stayed for one week without getting back on the train to move further and during that week he was lost, but he found himself at the same time. It was that week when he didn’t got anything from there and left that place empty handed. While moving around the train right when it was about to leave the station, trying to find his spot, he looked at his hands and that “emptiness” didn’t feel at all empty. He turned his palms round and round and started to smile thinking that none of those items mean anything to him. All this time, all this effort to search and collect so many things from those fantastic places was actually his way of adding something new to his identity, but now all those things have no other use. It was time for him to head back home, to take advantage of this new “upgrade”. His was so glad to open his new world to others, to let them in and help others grow along with him. He started making plans while he was still on the road, he had it all figured out. “It’s a new start he said” before getting off that train, but the station was totally different because everything changed during all that time. He didn’t take that in consideration at all and now everything was new around him and he was the one that had to adjust, not the others. They all did the same thing, they were all eager to transform themselves, it’s just that they didn’t need a train. He looked back at his universe, the train that made him who he is, and then turned his head and looked outside the station where a bigger universe pulled him in with a much more bigger gravity, the real one.

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